10 Reasons Why You Should Switch To A Shampoo Bar

Switch To A Shampoo Bar

We are incredibly proud to introduce our brand new Shampoo Bars as we enter 2019, which we feel our customers will love! However for many, the reason to switch from a conventional bottle to a soap form might sound confusing, so for those we have listed all the benefits to using a shampoo bar and reasons to switch.

1 Lack Of Plastic

We can’t openly say they don’t contain any plastic, as they use a thin layer to prevent damage, however when comparing to a big plastic bottle of shampoo, we are talking about a 98% reduction in plastic usage! As you have undoubtedly heard in the news and on the radio, plastic is one of the biggest struggles we are facing when dealing with environmental issues and we are proud to offer a number of non-plastic or minimal plastic items, offering environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives. Just to offer a number to knock your socks off, 1 million plastic bottles are bought globally every minute, can you imagine if they were delivered in a sustainable, degradable form?

2 Longer Time Between Washes

You heard us right, you can actually go longer between washes! A wash with a conventional shampoo bottle will last 1-2 days before having to start reaching for the dry shampoo. On the other hand, our testing has shown our shampoo bars normally last 4-5 days without the need to wash again. The hair felt weightless and light, lasting softer for longer.

3 Concentrated Dosage

When you buy yourself a bottle of shampoo, the actual quantity of shampoo or conditioner is minimal, with between 80%-95% being water. When you use a shampoo bar, you are getting exactly what it says, shampoo without the liquid, meaning it should last a lot longer than a bottle and isn’t filled with unnecessary ingredients.

4  Great For Travel

You get to the airport, check in your big luggage, then get to the security checks and realise you have a bottle of shampoo in your bag over 100 ml, absolute nightmare! Or you have those pesky little bottles under 100ml which barely work for a single usage. Or you don’t pack anything and hope the hotel has a decent shampoo. Well, all of these issues are solved with a shampoo bar. They can be easily packed in the bag using up minimal space and will never have issues with being taken on a plane.

5 No Drips

Whether its protecting a child’s eyes, or admittedly protecting our own as an adult and trying not to sob when it gets in the eye, shampoo can be an annoyance at times. However with the shampoo bar being in a solid form, it means none will drip into the eyes.

6 Protects The Scalp

Many liquid shampoos (in fact the vast majority) contain preservatives and chemicals which actually have a negative effect on the scalp health, removing any natural oils and leaving your scalp very dry. Shampoo bars won’t contain these same ingredients, as they will often use essential oils and natural ingredients.

7 You Can Use Till The End

I always give this the ketchup analogy (my apologies). You get near the end of the bottle of ketchup and your whacking the bottom trying to get some out, but a fair amount ends up in the bin. This is the same with shampoo, toothpaste, just about anything that comes in this form. However, when using a shampoo bar, you can use until the point it completely disappears, with no leftovers or massive bottle to remove.

8 Essential Oils

You shouldn't expect to see essential oils in a bottle of shampoo unless you break the bank and leave a deep hole in your pocket. However, this is a common inclusion in shampoo bars, offering a better alternative to the chemicals used. From rich clove flower oil to rose flower oil, we only use the highest quality natural ingredients.

9 Festival Saviour

Festivals are notorious for being tricky to keep up your beauty and hygiene routine. Using a the shampoo bar to wash the night or morning before you head to the festival will allow your hair to stay clean and fresher for longer. You can always pack the bar away in your bag as they are a travel friendly size, if you find yourself in a pickle and need to wash you can quickly whip it out. Unlike conventional shampoo, shampoo bars are natural and so even if you can’t rinse your hair thoroughly you won’t be left with residue that will mean all that effort would have been a waste of time.

10 Lower Carbon Footprint

Considering the minimal space they take up in comparison to a whole bottle, more can be packed into transporting facilities, helping to heavily reduce the carbon footprint per product. To offer a comparison, around 12 transport trucks of liquid shampoo would be required to deliver the same quantity of 1 truck of shampoo bars.

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