10 Reasons To Use A SheetMask

If you’re looking to give your skin an anti-ageing boost then a sheet mask is the absolute beauty go-to, offering a huge oomph in powerful ingredients in potent quantities. They have been all over the media ever since Korean Beauty became more well-known abroad, however many people are still trying to find out what reasons they should have to use them. Well read on for our list of the benefits of a sheet mask.

1. Serum For The Skin

Sheet masks main ingredient is a healthy load of serum, which gives it its liquid texture, as it should be completely soaked through. Whether its reducing fine lines or evening tone, a serum has a very high amount of active ingredient, something you don’t often see in a moisturiser or a cleanser.

2. Convenience

Unlike face masks or lotions, a sheet mask is perfectly cut to match your face, with slips in it to make any minor alterations you might have. This means the liquid is distributed equally (stopping any confusion when applying) and it can easily be thrown in the bin afterwards.

3. Hydrating The Skin

The sheet mask will tuck onto the skin, holding the liquid close to the skin like a cocoon. This prevents the liquid evaporating as well. Dry skin is one of the most common issues and a sheet mask is the ideal skincare item to tackle this problem. You have the high quantity of hyaluronic acid to thank for the hydrating boost, among other ingredients.

4. Pick The Right One For You

Different sheet masks will have different focuses and ingredients, so you can pick the one that matches your skin type and requirements. You could pick a collagen boosting one, one that targets acne or one with a huge amount of anti-oxidants present.

5. Quick Results

The time a sheet mask should be on the skin will vary based on the product, with many around the 20 minute mark, but the results are fairly instantaneous following the completion of wearing the mask. You also don’t need to wash off the ingredients, so they will carry on working on the skin. You will have smoother skin, it will be softer and will look rejuvenated.

6. Treating Acne

Most people who suffer from acne jump to the completely wrong products, utilising items with ingredients which can aggravate the issue further. For this reason I want to highlight that while sheet masks can be highly beneficial, you need to be aware of a few things. Firstly, you want to avoid salicylic acid. You should also look for one that has calming ingredients, like aloe vera or algae, as these are great at dealing with skin irritation. They are have anti-inflammatory properties, which can certainly help.

7. Brightening The Skin

Oh don’t we hate ageing! One of the sad tell-tale signs of ageing is the facial skin starts to look a bit dull. Well a sheet mask can help to brighten the skin back up and balance the skin tone, bringing you closer to that youthful glow you used to have as a youngster.

8. Relaxation

Taking 20 minutes out of your busy schedule for a bit of personal time, with a sheet mask on and relaxing to music can do a world of good. Stress can cause havoc to our skin, our body and our mind, therefore we recommend setting the mood for when you’re about to apply the sheet mask, so you won’t have to move a muscle for the time it is applied. But make sure not to fall asleep with it on!

9. Easy Travelling

While most beauty items can be a nightmare to take with you on holiday or around with you, a sheet mask won’t make any mess as it is in a sealed pack for a one-time usage. They take up barely any room in your bag and can be disposed off straight away after each use. They can also go into your hand luggage when getting on a plane.

10. Give Your Skincare A Boost

You might feel like your skin is dry or is in need of something a little different, but you’re happy with your skincare routine and don’t want to risk a ‘flare up’. Well a sheet mask can be a great option to add a little va va voom to your skin appearance and health without the risk of causing an outbreak.

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