10 Important Facts About Natural Deodorants

facts about natural deodorant

1. Your smell changes

Something that admittedly doesn’t sound too great but happens, is the fact your body odour smell changes when using natural deodorant. Due to the fact your body no longer absorbs the toxins and chemicals other conventional deodorant are made up from. The smell of your body odour ends up changing slightly, this is your natural scent and is very normal.

2. It smells different

You are no doubt used to the powdery, floral smell of deodorants and antiperspirant. Natural deodorants have a different smell enterally due to the ingredients. With the botanical and essential oils there will be a more natural smell similar to the type of fragrances you notice in spas etc.

3. No bad stuff

Unlike other conventional deodorants that contain a number of toxins and chemicals which have been linked to the cause of diseases, such as breast cancer. Due to the fact these are absorbed into the skin and into your lymph nodes. Luckily the ingredients of natural deodorant are botanical and full of essential oils that nourish and tend to the skin in a more gentle and therefore natural way. Without any added toxins being absorbed into the armpits.

4. It still works

It is widely thought that natural deodorants don’t work as well as other products. People either end up using too much of the product or even mix it with other deodorants and antiperspirants. In all honesty, the results you get from using a natural deodorant is so impressive you won’t need to worry about it not working, it does an amazing job without all the extra chemicals and toxins!

5. Works better over time

Once you have had your armpit detox and have been using your natural deodorant for a number of weeks, you will notice that the amount of the product you use will become less. This is due to the fact it begins to work more effectively the more you use it and as time goes on. Some users have even been known to say they can go a day without applying it at all. With your skin being able to breath and have the benefits of using an natural product the balance in your body and skin means you can even give deodorant a miss for the day!

6. Post shaving sensitivity

Much like other deodorants, after shaving or waxing your underarms you may experience some skin sensitivity and maybe a slight rash if you apply the deodorant very soon after shaving. This is due to the bicarbonate of soda reacting with the sensitivity you experience after shaving. It is best to hold off applying the product until about 10 minutes afterwards. This will give your skin a chance to calm down after shaving and absorb the deodorant without any tingling!

7. Follow the instructions

Natural deodorants are very different to conventional deodorants, and they also vary depending on which brand you are using. With this in mind it is always a good idea to read the instructions thoroughly, even if you are used to using natural deodorants. This also means you find the product works and delivers the best results for you! We have a step by step post on our blog, take a look to see how we suggest applying our deodorant balm to receive optimal results.

8. No more stains

We have all been there and had a black outfit utterly ruined by white deodorant stripes! The downfall of using antiperspirants and are usually a complete nightmare to remove! Luckily with natural deodorants, these wardrobe malfunctions are a thing of the past due to the fact natural deodorants don’t leave stains on your clothes, no matter the colour!

9. You will shave less often

With the nourishment the skin receives whilst using a natural deodorant, this means the skin is a lot smoother and has less bumps, due to suffering with a shaving rash.  You will be able to shave a lot closer to the skin and so find you won’t need to shave as often as before. 

10. Moisturising

Natural deodorants not only protects against body odour and perspiring the formula that is enriched in essential oils is wonderfully nourishing for the skin on your underarms, this skin is usually neglected and so will really benefit from the moisturising it will have when applying a natural deodorant.

There you have it, 10 facts about natural deodorants that you need to know, there are many different brands and styles available so it is a case of finding the right one for you! One thing you need to remember is natural is best of all for your body and delivers incredible results!

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