10 Benefits Of Using Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening

benefits of activated charcoal

We’re the proud owners of the number one selling activated charcoal teeth whitening powder, however we do understand not everyone understands the benefits associated with using charcoal for pearly whites, so have a read of our top 10 list below.

1. No Nasty Ingredients

We are a proud member of the teeth whitening industry, but we have to shamefully admit not all competitors use the most safe ingredients. We ensure that, in each pack, all you get is activated charcoal, no other hidden ingredients or dangerous items that could cause more damage than good. This is also why we have such a good reputation for not causing sensitivity or any negative results. We use the purest and the highest grade of activated charcoal in the world, which costs us more to produce, but it means we have something to be proud of and are certain we can deliver the results we want.

2. No Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is used in a large number of teeth whitening kits, in order to bleach the teeth so they are whiter. Unfortunately, some use over the amount they should, which can certainly add sensitivity or even cause damage. Activated charcoal, on the other hand, works by absorbing stains and removing discolouration rather than bleaching.

3. Animal Cruelty Free

We can promise our customers we will never develop products that hurt animals, we are dedicated to being animal cruelty free in the way we deliver our products. We strongly protest against any form of testing on animals, so you can rest assured.

4. Vegan Friendly

Largely attached to being animal cruelty free, our products are vegan and are completely natural. You do have to be careful when picking out a teeth whitening kit, as some can contain fluoride which is of animal origin or other ingredients which are carefully named to avoid being labelled in a negative manner, but we can promise a completely vegan product.

5. Re-mineralisation

Activated charcoal actually contains a number of trace minerals, which can help to detoxify your mouth. They can also help to keep your PH levels balanced. This is all important for fighting off bacteria in the mouth, protecting the enamel and fighting tooth decay.

6. Absorbing Plaque

It isn’t just absorbing all those nasty stains to leave a bright white smile you should be after. Did you know the activated charcoal works wonders on absorbing plaque from the teeth, along with any other nasty compounds which are lurking in your mouth. Again, this can help with fighting tooth decay, the opposite that can be said about using a hydrogen peroxide based product. #GoNatural.

7. 5 Shades Whiter

We can say all we want, but it all comes down to results. From a large number of testing, the average person sees their teeth go 5 shades whiter after one week, using the product once per day. These results are comparative with some of the best on the market (outside the dentists) and risk free.

8. Longevity

Buy a syringe pack and you should be looking at a few weeks worth of product usage, or maybe up to a month, but with the risk of bacteria spreading. On the other hand, the powdered charcoal jar offers approximately 5-6 months worth, meaning it lasts significantly longer than almost anything else on the market. This makes the price an unbelievable bargain when worked out per-usage.

9. The Powder Has Added Usage

Once you’ve bought yourself a teeth whitening kit, you can use it whenever you feel like getting some pearly whites, but that is the limit. On the other hand, activated charcoal has such an extreme list of ways it can be used which I recommend reading through. I’ll bet you’ve never considered using it to soak up that pesky mould, or to sneak into the trainers if smelling bad? Well now you have a hidden ingredient for multiple uses, but just be careful as it can be messy.

10. Prevents Bad Breath

I’ve already mentioned how it can work on balancing your PH levels, as well as removing plaque build-up, while excreting acidic elements from the mouth by binding to them. Well a knock-on effect to all this is that you are less likely to suffer from bad breath, a big win for everyone!

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