10 Beauty Hacks To Whiten Your Teeth

white smile beauty hacks

Having white teeth can make your smile bigger and more noticeable, stopping passers-by in their tracks, with the market out there full to the brim with so many different teeth whitening products it can be a little overwhelming. This is why we have decided to give you 10 beauty hacks you can try at home that will whiten your teeth!

Before we get started, there are a few things to remember that may answer why your teeth are turning yellow in the first place.

  • Smoking
  • Poor oral hygiene e.g. tartar build up or plaque
  • Your diet such as beetroot, red wine, coffee and curries
  • Genetics

Understandably, genetics can’t be helped, but knowing the other points will enable you to make the conscious decision on changing your lifestyle or routine to target the problem of yellow teeth you may have. Following these 10 beauty hacks will also be a great benefit to getting your teeth whiter, brighter and cleaner!

1. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling isn’t necessarily a new beauty procedure to do, with it’s origins dating back for hundreds of years. There are many health benefits you can have from oil pulling, not only does it make your teeth whiter, it draws out toxins from the body and is even known to cure hangovers! Here is a way of using oil pulling to whiten your teeth!

First of all, choose your oil, coconut oil is consider most popular due to it’s taste. Try a melted half tablespoon at first, the amount will increase as your saliva and toxins mix into the oil. Swish the oil around your mouth for 20 minutes, go easy as vigorous swishing will result in jaw ache! Another thing to remember is to not swallow the oil afterwards as you will simply be putting the toxins back into the body, spit the oil into the bin and not the sink as it will solidify as it dries.

After the 20 minutes, brush and floss as usual and you will be amazed with how clean and fresh your mouth feels with no residue left behind!

Oil pulling is a simple way of really helping your oral hygiene as well as removing the toxins from your body! Leaving you with a healthy mouth full of whiter teeth!

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

There are many health benefits from using apple cider vinegar, from soothing a sore throat to preventing indigestion. Apple cider vinegar is also known as a powerful teeth whitener too! You can apply some neat vinegar topically onto your teeth to remove stubborn stains, however due to the strong acid content it is best not to do this too regularly as your enamel can be stripped from your teeth. For a safer way of using apple cider vinegar, use a diluted mix of 1 part vinegar, 3 parts warm water and use it like mouth wash. Be sure to rinse your mouth well after and brush as normal.

3. Flossing

Flossing is well known for oral health, yet it is somehow something everyone always seems to forget about! Missing out flossing from your dental care will result in plaque and food remaining stuck in between your teeth and causing discolour and even decay. Regular flossing will ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and clean, as well as staying white! There are also many different types of flossing products to choose from now and so you will find the perfect one for your pearly whites!

4. Dental Check Ups

Visiting your dentist can be the one check up you are happy to give a miss. In doing so you are making it harder for yourself to keep on top of your oral hygiene. Your dentist will be able to tell which products to use and how to use them. They are also able to tell you what you are doing right and wrong, something that is very vital as dental hygiene is an important part of your over health and well being. So as nervous as you may be about getting into that chair, you’ll thank yourself later for it!

5. Brushing your teeth

This may be the most obvious hack, but you will be surprised just how many people ignore how important brushing their teeth is. We need to brush our teeth at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Ideally an electric toothbrush is the best product to have for seeing the best results, but a hand held toothbrush also works well. Focus for two minutes working your way around the bottom and top set of your teeth in circular motions which will shift away any remaining food and bacteria on the teeth. It is best not to use too much pressure as this can damage the gums and using a natural product will ensure your enamel is safe from any damage.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric is having a moment, with it not only being added to our lattes, but also our skincare routine. So there is naturally no surprise to find the super spice has made it’s way into our oral care. With it’s anti-inflammatory properties able to treat any gum problems such as redness and sore to touch areas, it also provides a brilliant natural teeth whitening, removing even the most stubborn stains from coffee, red wine and smoking! Mix in half a teaspoon of turmeric with a teaspoon of coconut oil and brush your teeth. This will look a little scary as your teeth will become orange, but once you have rinsed your teeth and brush like normal you will see a difference!

7. Strawberries

Strawberries are another super food that give you whiter teeth with the malic acid in them dissolving away the stains on them! There has never been a tastier way to whiten your teeth! Strawberry toothpaste is available, however nothing will work as well as the real thing, so it’s time to start eating those juicy berries, best to avoid the cream this time though.  

8. Your five a day

Eating your five a day is great for your health and wellness, but did you know that some of your favourite fruit and vegetables can also help keep your teeth white? Eating apples and carrots will result in any developing stains simply being buffed away before they are able to stain the teeth completely. Much like the strawberry trick, the acid in apples breaks down stains too!

9. Banana Peel  

Yes indeed another piece of fruit is going to save your teeth! Considering how good bananas are for you to eat, full of potassium, minerals and vitamins, of course they would be good for your teeth. Once you’ve finished eating your banana, take a small piece of the peel and rub the soft white flesh on your teeth gently for 2 minutes. Your teeth are known to become up to two shades whiter without any of the aggressors found in at home whitening kits.

10. Red lipstick

The final hack is a personal favourite, choosing to wear a red lipstick, besides it being festive, it can actually make your teeth appear whiter! The best lipstick to try is one that is a cool red colour with a blue undertone to it. The blue in the lipstick colour counteracts with the yellow found on your teeth and so makes your smile whiter!

There you have 10 beauty hacks that will whiten your teeth, they are all great at achieving your desired results, however the best way to have your teeth white is maintaining a good oral care with visits to your dentist. These hacks are just a great addition, and just so happen to be quite tasty at the same time!  

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