Teeth Whitening Strips FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions & Facts


Why Do You Get White Spots When Using Strips?

This is probably the most common question asked to every teeth whitening brand. While it can look scary to see teeth whitening spots, this is actually very normal and they are not harmful at all, while they should go away after not too long. There can be a couple of reasons, such as fluorosis (if white spots have been visible since childhood, due to excess fluoride exposure before your permanent teeth come through). If you haven’t seen white spots before, then the most common reason is  decalcification, highlighting where the teeth is weaker and is probably a plaque build-up. Another reason is enamel hypoplasia, as the enamel doesn’t form correctly.

The interesting thing is the most common cure for this issue is through teeth whitening or bleaching, which will remove stains and the appearance of white spots. You need to continue using the product for the length of time recommended, as the colour will blend and the spots will become less visible until you have the optimal results.


Can The Strips Be Used On The Back Of Your Teeth?

This isn’t recommended, as the strips are made to perfectly fir the front of your teeth. This would also be relatively pointless, as you are trying to whiten the visible part of the teeth and the strips can’t be used multiple times, as the gel and formula will already have been utilised.


Can I Wear The Strips While Sleeping?

No, there is an exact amount of time each product should be applied, which are detailed on the pack. If you were to fall asleep then they will be exposed to your teeth for too long.


If I Have Just Received Dental Treatment, Can I Use The Strips?

This depends on the treatment, the recover and sensitivity, but you may want to give it a few days for your mouth to recover.


Can I Use Mouthwash After Using The Strips?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to use a mouthwash after applying them.


How Much Hydrogen Peroxide Is Allowed In Strips?

If you were to go the dentists, you can receive treatment containing up to 6% hydrogen peroxide. However, under EU legislation, no at home dental products can contain more than 0.1%. The reason some brands have been talked about negatively in the media is because they are offering products way above this figure, sometimes up to 35%, available to purchase online. There have also been fake dental cares setup which provide this service despite not being registered dentists. If you are exposed to large quantities and it is not placed on by a dentist who is trained in this field, you could burn the lining of your mouth and aggravate dental conditions.

We actually use zero peroxide in the Procoal teeth whitening kits.


Can I Use Whitening Strips With Dental Work?

The strips won’t cause any damage to the dental work, but they will only whiten actual teeth. For this reason, you have to consider how visible the dental work is on the front of your teeth, as it could cause a difference in colouration between the dental work and natural teeth.


How Long Do Teeth Whitening Strips Take To Work?

All teeth whitening strips work differently, however most require regular usage for 14 days to see optimal results. They tend to show the greatest effect for the hours after using them, however they will diminish as you consume items that can stain teeth (coffee, wine, curry).


How Long Do The Effects Of The Strips Last For?

Most packs have 14 days worth included, however the length of the results is all dependent on your habits, genetics and diet. For example, smoking and drinking coffee can speed up the process of which it becomes discoloured again, therefore you may want to consider this after application. Some also opt for a straw when drinking coffee, as a way for it to bypass the teeth. This tactic can be used on any drink to help protect the enamel.


What Causes Teeth Staining?

There are three main reasons for teeth staining, all of which have related factors that could be causing the discolouration. Firstly, it could be extrinsic discolouration, which is based on the staining of the enamel, with your diet or smoking being a large contributing factor.

The second reason is intrinsic discolouration, which is when the dentin darkens, however the reasons may be partly out of your control, such as fluorosis or the usage of antibiotics as a child.

The final main reason is due to age, as the enamel thins and the yellow dentin below comes more visible.


Do Dentists Recommend Your Products?

They don’t just recommend our products, our products were developed and formulated by UK dentists. This is why we feel safe in ensuring a high quality product that matches all legal requirements and offers unbelievable results.


What Foods Or Drinks Should I Avoid Before/After Whitening Treatment?

While you don’t have to directly worry, we do recommend limiting exposure to certain foods and drinks if you want to avoid discolouration. The biggest factors are coffee, tea, red wine, curry, soy sauce and smoking.


How Do I Apply The Strips?

Once you have brushed your teeth and given them five minutes, you apply the relevant strip o your upper and lower teeth line. After 30 minutes of application, you simply remove them and throw the strips in the bin.


How Do Teeth Whitening Strips Compare To Professional Dental Whitening?

Our strips have been shown to deliver results of up to 8 shades whiter. While this is an incredibly impressive figure, it doesn’t quite match as much as a dentist can achieve. The real difference is while a dentist might be able to whiten teeth by around 11 shades, the cost will be around £600, whereas teeth whitening strips and at-home kits are significantly cheaper.


How Can I Learn More About Teeth Whitening?

We write excessively on dental subjects on our blog, however if you don’t think the subject area has been covered, please do get in contact and we’d be more than happy to help with your enquiry. Alternatively, we do recommend having a read on the NHS website or e-learning for Healthcare.


Can You Use Whitening Strips On Braces?

We don’t recommend applying them if you have braces, as the gel can only have an effect on the teeth that have been exposed to the formula. As this would create an uneven effect if you have braces, it wouldn’t offer optimal results. If you have a retainer, we recommend speaking to your orthodontist.


Should I Clean My Teeth Before Or After?

You want to remove any plaque that could be stuck to the teeth before applying, therefore give your teeth a brush for a couple of minutes and then apply the strips. This will ensure the best results and will also help remove any bacteria that could be lying on the teeth. Having said this, you should leave about 5 minutes from brushing your teeth to applying the strips, so no irritation is caused.

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