Lurgan Make-up Artist Set For A Brush With Fame

For some, their aspiration is to be a hit on the big screen. However, the computer screen is where it’s at for others.

Becoming an internet sensation is now a dream held by many across a range of industries. From gamers to clothing ambassadors, personal trainers to makeup artists, members of the public are sharing their passion via social media and YouTube.

Step forward Armagh’s Nadine Campbell. The 23-year-old has grasped her dream role as a makeup artist in Belfast and is now watching her career flourish online, being noticed by YouTubers she has previously looked up to for inspiration.

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However, she’s aware that it’s not quite as simple as just creating content and uploading it if you want to be successful. “A lot of people now see how well the industry is doing and automatically want to jump on the bandwagon, seeing it as an easy way to make money, but that is far from the truth and unfortunately not how it works,” explained the Lurgan native.

“You definitely have to be creative and use your own imagination to be able to stand out. Audiences get bored of seeing the same stuff over and over again. I know myself it takes something really well done and really creative to catch my eye.

“I recently had makeup artist Keilidh Cashell follow me on Instagram and write to me to tell me I’m fab. If that’s not a MUA’s dream, then I’m not sure what is! She is definitely a big inspiration when it comes to my creative makeup.”

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Although Nadine has long had ambitions of pursuing a career in this field — she started watching YouTubers over 10 years ago, self-teaching herself all she now knows — it was only during her time at university studying International Hospitality Management that she truly felt that she must push herself in this direction.

“I really started experimenting throughout my four years at university. I think it’s what kept me sane while doing a course that I had absolute no interest in pursuing,” she continued.

“When it came the time where I decided I was going to start creating YouTube videos, I knew I wanted good equipment to start out, mainly due to the fact that the competition in the beauty industry is now insane. I wanted to make somewhat of a good first impression, so I invested in a camera, tripod and ring light and from then I just began to create videos.”

And the talented artist isn’t content on coasting along, either, holding big aspirations for the future. “I would absolutely love to become an influencer. I would love to be so many people’s role model and just be able to set a great example for anyone wanting to follow in the same footsteps. But I know becoming an influencer isn’t something that happens overnight.”

And while she continues to gain recognition from big figures in the industry, it’s her six-year-old niece who is her biggest fan: “I will often hear her come into the house with a few of her friends and she will be boasting to them, saying “this is my Aunty Nadine’s house. She’s famous, she’s on YouTube you know?””

With talent in abundance, it would be no surprise if the Lurgan lady continued rising through the industry and became a major force in the makeup industry’s YouTube and social media scene.

You can follow Nadine on Instagram at Wingit_by_NadineCampbell, and on Facebook and YouTube at Wing It By Nadine Campbell.

This interview was conducted by Jamie Roberts.

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