Which make-up trend should you try next?

Has this New Year got you feeling daring and want to try out a new make-up look? Maybe you should try a cat eye liner? Or try rocking a bold lip look? Take the quiz to find out which trend you should try next!

So which one are you? If you don't want to go through the whole quiz, take a look at the potential answers below:

Statement Lips

A statement lip would be a fab trend for you to give a go, don’t think you have to stick to red, there’s berry, brown, even pink! Have some fun with it!


Smoky Eye

You are really spoilt for choice when it comes to smoky eyes. You can go for a sultry smoke, or something super powerful! You can also have a play around with the colour tones too!


Wet look lids

You know what you’re doing in all this make-up business, so why not try something that is super on trend, such as a wet look, glossy eye? You can make it as striking or as subtle as you want, you’ve got the skills after all!


Contour and shape

You will notice one heck of a difference when it comes to a bit of contour and highlight, just remember the highlight is for the high points of your cheeks, nose and temples and contour for curving out the definition of your cheeks!


Glow up

You a little confident in make-up application skills, so you can still give yourself a stunning glow, try out a light foundation packed with a light reflecting formula. Then apply a gleaming highlight to your cheekbones, eye lids and cupids bow of your lips for a super natural glow.


Rosy Cheeked

Ok, so make-up isn’t your thing, it’s ok. But taking this quiz means you want to try something new right? The easiest way to give you a little something, especially on days you aren’t feeling your best, is applying a rose tones blusher on your cheeks and across your nose a little to give you a flush of health! Go easy though otherwise you’ll end up looking sunburnt.


There you have it! Some make-up trends for you to be trying out. From pro to amateur there is something here for everyone, and what better time to give something a go then now, step into 2019 looking fabulous! You glow girl….

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