Quiz: Which Friends character are you?

How many times have you watched the reruns of Friends? They never get old! But which one would you be? Are you a hectic Monica? Are you a total foodie like Joey? Or a hippy at heart like Phoebe? Take the quiz now to find out!

Take the quiz to find out which of the characters you are! Below highlights your potential results.

You’re Ross

One clever cookie! Big on family and generous heart, your need for being the sensible one means you steer yourself to do some things a little out there, before you really think things through, but that does make you interesting and you defiantly have a story to tell, just like the time you were on a break..


You’re Monica

Clean organised fun is your idea of a good time! You like to plan everything down to the last minute, which sometimes your friends can thank you for, but other times find it tricky to remember why they’ve remained friends with you so long… Having said that you always have the best intentions.


You’re Chandler

The funny one, louder than life party animal! You never take life too seriously which makes you a kid at heart! Your friends are very important to you even if they find you a little testing at times, could your jokes BE more annoying?!


You’re Rachel

You get truly spoilt by your friends and you owe them a lot! They keep you grounded and help you see just how important the little things are as well as the big things. You feel as though you can take on the world with your ‘magic beans’ by your side.


You’re Joey

You relay a lot on your friends, mainly because they remind you of important dates. They truly mean the world to you, you still wouldn’t share your food with them though…


You’re Phoebe

You like to keep your friend’s auras cleansed and happy, they are more than friends, they are family. You favourite past time is to be all together, chatting, drinking coffee and show casing them your new song.


There you have it, which Friends character are you? In our opinion they are all fabulous and there’s no denying we are off to re-watch the first series on Netflix…

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