Quiz: Where's Your Next Vacation?

Oh man, hasn’t it been January for about 2 years now? Rubbish weather and the Christmas buzz well and truly disappeared! You know it’s time for a holiday! So, let’s find out where your next trip should be.

So how did you score? If you don't want to go through all the fuss of answering the quiz several times, you can see the various results below:


The Cotswolds

You love home, that’s fair enough. Why not take a trip to The Cotswolds for a long weekend of country walks, pub lunches and relaxing by a toasty open fire? Heaven.



Hot climes can wait, winter wonderland is the one for you! Husky rides, Northern Lights and so much hot cocoa it makes up 80% of your blood stream.



Hot, hot, hot, there’s so much to see and do, or you can simply stick by the pool, cocktail in hand and soak in  that nourishing vitamin D!


Bora Bora

Find yourself on a beach you have only ever seen on a laptop screen saver. Pinch yourself every minute just to make sure you won’t wake up!



You fancy somewhere not too far away with some lovely sunshine and good food! Fabulous beaches and only 4 hours away from home.



Fancy stepping into the future? Japan is the place for you! Yes, it’s a totally different world to what you are used to, but that’s the reason you’ve made it here, let the adventure begin!


Right, so you’ve got an idea of what sort of holiday you are after, so now it’s time to hop on that laptop of yours and get booking! See you later January blues, hello exciting holidays!


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